About Us
Beijing Greekn pail-making Co, Ltd was found in 2002. We have more than 15years experience in Metal Packaging. We have the facility and resources to manufacture eneral Cans & Pails from 1 Pint(500ml)up to 6 Gallon(25Litre)with or without handle along with inside plain and gold lined coating for paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants and chemicals.
Greekn Pail-making Limited is an environment friendly company. The prodution of our products is coupled with every conscious effort to ensure that weare manufacturing products that reflect ongoing responsibility and constant awareness of the environment. We started to do the export business from2012. North America is the mostrtant overseas market for us. We focusn the products standard of North America over 5 years.
Expects to provide you with perfecs service